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Save up to 75% off of your prescription medication today.

As a special gift, we would like to offer you and your family a pharmacy savings cards, at absolutely no cost to you! We believe strongly that all American families, like yours, deserve pharmacy discount coverage. This is why we are providing you these cards at NO COST, whatsoever.

The card is pre-activated and ready to use immediately, and it will never expire. It entitles you, and every member of your family, to discounts on virtually EVERY MEDICINE SOLD at nearly EVERY DRUG STORE in the United States. There are no income, insurance, or residency requirements, and no fees or registration process needed to use this pharmacy savings card. A single card can be shared with friends and family members, or they can print their own.

With this card you can save up to 75% off of all presriptions regardless of your medical history. Thats an average svings of $500.00 per card, per user. There are no fees to use this card, and you will never be charged for it. There are NO claim forms, NO deductibles, NO limitations or maximums, NO pre-existing conditions, NO fine print, NO hassles. Just savings on your medicine!

You can NOT be rejected because of medical history. Nobody is excluded from this program for any reason!

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Through the American Prescription Assistance Company program, I save about $1,400.00 a month and can lead a more normal life. They are a true lifesaver! They gave my wife back her husband and my boys back their dad.

  Craig - Arizona

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